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25 Dec 2019

5 Things To Consider When Planning An Office Interior

1. Price Estimate It is essential to ensure that all decisions fit within your budget. Must be able to assess the quote and minimize the Variation of Order as much as possible. You need to make sure that the quotes already include technical plans, project management cost, materials, and construction. Less detail in a proposal means that the contractor is unsure of what they are quoting or they are trying to hide something and charge it as a variation later. […]

18 Mar 2019
Alforno Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant Start-Up Strategies

There are a few strategies you can use to super-charge your restaurant start-up success. You can use these strategies to elevate your success regardless of where you are, what kind of food you serve, or the size of your budget. Choose the right team. Find people with whom you see eye to eye. Partner with people who have a high level of expertise and who are aligned on what’s important. Have a solid game plan. Success happens because you plan for it […]

06 Jul 2012

Restaurants & Cafés Projects

Projects By creating an attractive and innovative restaurant, bar or cafe that is tailored to your target patronage and offerings. You can increase sales and build a destination in the local community. High-quality features, materials and craftsmanship, ambient lighting and intuitive layouts combine to create your venue’s unique atmosphere – maximizing customer service, high customer volume and staff efficiency, profitability and return patronage. TEG is an award winning company when it comes to the fit-out of hospitality stores and have […]

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