Neo – Chinese style

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What is Neo – Chinese style ?

     Neo-Chinese Style was born in the new period of Chinese traditional culture Renaissance, featuring the connotation and grace. Based on the comprehension of traditional culture,

Neo-Chinese Style is simply defined as the expression of Chinese contemporary traditional culture and combines the modern elements with tradition.

The furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty, the window, the fabric bedding all the elements complete with each other, offering a demonstration of how the traditional art blossoms in the modern time”

Neo – Chinese style

Neo – Chinese Style  compiles a collection of elegant and beautiful interiors which encompass.

Neo – chinese style combining modern elements of decorating with the traditional, showing how a traditional art blossoms in a modern time.

This title highlights the type of furniture, decoration and soft furnishing used to accomplish this charming theme of decoration. Private residences, restaurants, hotels, offices, exhibition halls and cafes.

In order to realize the quantitative cognition and design application, fractal theory was introduced to do the quantitative research and fractal redesign.
Based on fractal analysis software, different methods to do fractal graphics design and the corresponding application in innovative design of patterns were analyzed and summarized.
On this basis, they used fractal graphics design software Ultra Fractal to do fractal graphics redesign of of the Song Dynasty.
Then, by use of the fractal theory of furniture design, and then applied them to decorate modern style furniture.
The purpose of above researches is to provide basic theory references for in-depth study, design application and industrialized production of decorative patterns of modern furniture, also to provide a new method to do innovative design with the decorative patterns.

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