5 Things To Consider When Planning An Office Interior

1. Price Estimate

It is essential to ensure that all decisions fit within your budget. Must be able to assess the quote and minimize the Variation of Order as much as possible. You need to make sure that the quotes already include technical plans, project management cost, materials, and construction. Less detail in a proposal means that the contractor is unsure of what they are quoting or they are trying to hide something and charge it as a variation later. Be wary of this.

2. Design Complements Your BRANDING

Your workplace should be an extension of your other advertising materials so that clients get the same impression as they would when they are reading your brochure or browsing your website in terms of brand colors, company vision and mottoes, company values, and your overall desired appearance.

3. Design that complements TREND

It is important that the design proposed are not meant only for now but at least should last in trend for next 6-10 years for you. The design look out of trend just a year you renovated. Have some feel from google images, the kind of trend applied by premier brands in your industry. This will help you to add on some points during project brief to interior designer. It makes easier for designer to work on, if the client already knew what they want.

4. Efficient System Designs

Remember that the physical space inside your workplace needs to take care of the needs of your employees. Think carefully about the various systems so that they operate in an optimal manner, including: lights and windows, power points and switches, network points, main server positioning, air conditioning units , pantry, photocopier machine placement, and commonly shared equipment.

5. Migration of IT, Broadband Phone, Fax lines lines

If you’re moving from one workplace to another, you need to consider how to make the move as seamless as possible, particularly in regards to communications. Migrating IT and telecoms systems without disrupting communications is essential to keeping your business running. Clients need to still be able to contact you, either by phone or email.

Offices are much more than a place to work and client’s to visit. It enhances your productivity, it boosts the morale of employees and depicts your business image and enhances your brand. The design has to be carefully thought out so that it could ease the movement and facilitate the users.

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