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amazing restaurant interiors

Chim Choc Cafe


Female Casual Plus


Interior Design

Chim Choc Interiors

It is mainly designed for female guests. We created aesthetic restaurant interiors they've fallen in love with it. Using pink and rose colors creates a special atmosphere. The layout and decoration suits the nature of the female guests.
Therefore, We did help providing intelligent design, on budget, on time and a restaurant that get people talking. We understand our clients genuine interests that enables us to craft your ideal space.
The reason behind our Success is, we have worked with a large range of cuisine types. Our dedicated restaurant team create stunning spaces, with quality workmanship.Firstly, We creates a mood for Hubstone Restaurant Design with the restaurant's aesthetic.

Project Challenges

Great interior design can give your restaurant the complete experience that encapsulates all the senses.
  • We can work based on an inspiration source, a decorative trend or thematic and even following a brand style guide.