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Present Situation And Problems Of Contemporary Interior Design In China ?

Interior design in China has a history of nearly 30 years. As the design style evolved, China’s interior design became increasingly diversified. But compared with the United States and Europe, China’s interior design is only just beginning.

The mainstream of Chinese interior design

1 modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist style is a concise form of expression to meet people’s demand concerning space environment sensibility, instinct and reason. Modern life is fast-paced and fully loaded. In order to thoroughly relax, the busy modern people desire a concise and pure space rather than add complex point which has leaded to the adjustment and changes of people’s ideas towards space. They want to get rid of the tedious and complex elements, pursuing simple and natural performance. In this regard, Modern minimalist style is not only applicable but also economical. Its simple and generous collocation, to a certain extent, also solve the problems of small space.

2 the trend of returning to nature

Natural style advocates a return to nature. It is considered that only by respecting nature and , combining technology development and social life with the natural order can people achieve physical and mental balance and stability. Therefore, its use of wood, vine plants, cotton, stone and other materials indoors shows that the material texture is fresh and elegant. Natural style aims to create a natural, simple, elegant atmosphere at home by using the natural material for purification, landscaping. Representative style: the American village, the Mediterranean style and the pastoral Southeast Asian style.

3 mix of Chinese and western style

A mix of Chinese and Western style is a new decorative style, the essence of which is the blend of eastern and western aesthetics . Different combinations can always create new vitality and dynamism. Designers’ design concepts the choice of materials show a combination of western and traditional Chinese aesthetic thoughts, through the use of space forms and materials to create a personalized world. The mix of Chinese and Western style is a clever fusion of Western cultural characteristics, like a new popular retro wind blowing on my face. Retro continues to heat up and spread among the younger generation. Representative style: new classical, European style.

4 the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese elements

With the enhancement of national strength and recovery of national consciousness, indigenous consciousness becomes popular in the design circle. The new generation of designers and consumers bred implicative beautiful new Chinese style. Nowadays, Chinese culture has swept the world; Chinese elements and modern material are integrating. Furniture, window frames, cloth and bedding of Ming and Qing Dynasties embraced and reproduced exquisite pieces. Inherited from the Tang Dynasty, going through the Ming and Qing Dynasties, concept of design has changed the layout of the original space level, hierarchy, and other feudal, traditional culture and injected new atmosphere.


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