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Residential Interiors

Luxurious Residential Interiors

The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. TEG Residential design
from creativity to analysis conceptual direction to implementation.
Completely, unique style meets clients’ needs.
Interior Design

Al Safyan Palace

Mr Turki Al Laziz Villa

Al Laziz Villa

Dr. Arwa Villa Interior Design

Dr. Arwa Villa

Mohamed Al Manea Villa interiors

Al Manea Villa

Villa decor interiors

El Manif Villa

Mr Abd Allah Al Saykhan Villa

Al Saykhan Villa

Mr Riyadh Al Saeidon Palace

Al Saeidon Palace

Dr Eman Al Edrisy Villa

Al Edrisy Villa

Mr Bashar Al Kahlan Villa

Al Kahlan Villa

Dr. Al Barkhil Villa Interior Design

Al Barkhil Villa

Eng Fahd Al Hammad Villa

Al Hammad Villa

Mr Bad Al Habib Villa

Al Habib Villa

Residential interiors collection

Residential Collection