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Dr. Al Barkhil Villa Interiors

Dr. Al Barkhil Villa Interior Design
Dr. Al Barkhil Villa Interior Design
Dr. Al Barkhil Villa Interior Design

Dr. Al Barkhil


Villa Interior Design

Al Kahlan Villa interiors

An interior overflowing with accents on every surface, we’ve made the villa as appealing as possible upon first entry, as it leaves an impression on guests and residents alike.
The reception is naturally lit via long windows, adding a sense of openness and welcome to the space.
We draw attention to the ceiling height. Built-in lighting preserves the height, and prevents the space from looking too compacted, but rather spacious and open.
Where self-care is an act of luxury, Villa’s bathroom makes it into an act of pure devotion. Diffused, inlaid light fixtures throughout the shelving units gives a soft warm glow, which is easily reflected by brass elements and glass incorporated in the design of the shower and bathtub.

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