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16 Jun 2019
Al Mousa Tower Arch Designs

History of Architecture Part II

The Medieval builder Islamic architecture began in the 7th century CE, developing from a blend of architectural forms from the ancient Middle East and from Byzantium but also developing features to suit the religious and social needs of the society. Examples can be found throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Spain, and were to become a significant stylistic influence on European architecture during the Medieval period. Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. In Europe, in both the Classical and […]

16 Jun 2019
Sky Tower architecture Design

History Of Architecture Part 1

Architecture first      evolved out of the dynamics between needs (shelter, security, worship, etc.) and means (available building materials and attendant skills). As human cultures developed and knowledge began to be formalized through oral traditions and practices, architecture became a craft. Here there is a process of trial and error, and later improvisation or replication of a successful trial. What is termed Vernacular architecture continues to be produced in many parts of the world. Indeed, vernacular buildings make up […]

14 Feb 2019
Villa modern Architecture style

What is a concept ?

Designs concept A concept is an idea, a theory or notion, but in architecture we could also describe a concept as ‘an approach’ to the design. When we think of an architectural concept, we think of an abstract idea, one that is unchanging throughout the design process. This is not necessarily the case, A concept can be linked to many factors, and can evolve as the design grows. Architectural concepts are the designers way of responding to the design situation […]

13 Feb 2019
Mawarid Office Building Architecture Design

The design approach architecture

The various building systems as developed by the design team form the infrastructure of the architectural form (s). The next step in the design process involves the documentation and coordination of the building systems and the detailing of the various architectural elements and spaces. We aim to deliver buildings and environments which resonate with both a sense of place and the identity of the client. We believe that each project must belong to its place and time, tread lightly on the environment, and inspire its users. As designers and […]

13 Feb 2019
SFDA Architecture design

What is concept in architecture design ?

An architectural concept  is the meaning and reason to the end product (the completed building or structure) and is the very first part of the design process to be developed and realized much like a seed is to plant.  just like a plant seed it can come from a vast array of sources, and produce a huge amount of variations and outcomes. It is also the one of the only consistent element that follows a project from beginning to end […]

13 Feb 2019
Not everyone who designs structures is an architect. In fact, not even everyone with a degree in architecture is an architect! — Hany Hussein

An architectural designer

Frankly, Some people who hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture and design buildings are architectural designers. an Architect who excuses themselves from the construction aspects of the building process, choosing instead to spend their time focusing on the actual design.

Specializing in providing Architecture Designs

Architectural designers also help out with the logistics of bringing a design into reality. They create digital plans based on architectural sketches, shepherd projects through the city permitting process, visit construction sites, oversee contractors, and facilitate communication with consultants.

So the building is then built by a construction company which follows the directions of the plans for the building. The architect will closely supervise the construction company to make sure that the building is built according to the plans.

So architects have to be good artists and good scientists when they design a building. The building must be pleasant to look at, pleasant to work in and strong enough to be safe from most natural disasters.

Trying to do all these things at the same time is part of the challenge and excitement of being an architect.



02 Mar 2015
Luxury TEG Designs: Best Architecture Design Company in Riyadh and Cairo , Fit Out

List of Architecture Concepts

10 Strange Architectural Concepts Of The Modern World Luckily, with our advances in technology, today’s architects have a lot of new tools to work with when it comes to creating new concepts in order to overcome the challenges of our modern world. Many of these projects are incredibly overambitious and unique, but many have genius ideas within that could help to change the world of architecture, and the way in which we live and interact with the world, forever. Earth […]

06 Sep 2011

TEG Architecture Designs ved

TEG Architecture Designs ved Architecture Design is the process and the product of planning, designing, constructing and devising buildings and other physical structures for public good. Architectural works, especially buildings and monuments are also perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art, yet they are design objects since they are functional as well as being artistic. Civilizations throughout history have been identified with their surviving architectural achievements.

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