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Steak House & Piatto Architecture 

Al Safwa Royal Wedding Hall
Al Safwa Royal Wedding Hall
Al Safwa Royal Wedding Hall

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Architecture Design

Steak House & Piatto

Hence, when needed to design the exterior facades in such away to match their styles. TEG designers used mixed treatments of 2 kinds of stones & varieties of metals & steel elements. Therefore, find the latest TEG Architectural Digest restaurant design Projects, to see the gorgeous architectural Design and get design ideas from our different qualified projects. Steak House & Piatto are two of the famous restaurants in Saudi Arabia; Finally, modern elevations design was useful to achieve that. Anas Ben Malek branch is one of very successful branches for both brands due to its beautiful outdoor setting area too.

  • We design commercial buildings that can rapidly get constructed with high quality, flexibility, and adaptability in the application and are energy-efficient in use.
  • Location: Riyadh, KSA.
  • Built up area: 2400 Sq m.
  • Finally, Design should never say, "Look at me!" It should always say, "Look at this!"